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Blackboxx System - Go Green and Safe with the innovative technology of our fuseless, reloadable fireworks battery.

Introducing the Blackboxx re-useable fireworks and launching technology. The Blackboxx system works without fuse delays or communication fusing and does not require electric power. The Blackboxx technology brings a number of major advantages to consumer and professional fireworks providers. An immediate saving in shipping costs because you are shipping effects not tubes (about 75% cheaper than shipping traditional cakes of the same equivalent firepower). The system is environmentally friendly, lessening your carbon footprint and a major reduction in the use of raw materials. After your show is finished the fallout is minimal and the clean-up easy. In addition, safety measures incorporated into this brand new concept will keep you safe. If the system falls over or if there is an in-tube explosion, firing is automatically interrupted. Blackboxx will reduce your costs and increase your green credentials. Blackboxx is the fireworks system of the future.
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